HKTV eCommerce Academy

Inaugural Seminar of the HKTV eCommerce Academy

A fabulous opening for the first ever seminar of the HKTV eCommerce Academy held on 18 August 2021!More than a hundred of participants joined us on this occasion and kick-started their learning journey in the inaugural course, Mastering eCommerce.

Featuring speakers from the Hong Kong Technology Venture Company Ltd and HSBC, the seminar provided all participants with a great opportunity to understand more about the transformation of eCommerce and to learn about the innovative ways of trade finance as well as the smart solutions in financing.
A huge thank you to all the honourable speakers Ricky Wong, Jelly Zhou, Ka Wai Winson Chan, Shirley Kwong, and Stephanie Woo for their inspiring presentations and sharing of their experiences in ecommerce to the academy members.

Thank you all for coming. Stay tuned for more details of the events and latest news of the Academy, at Should you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact our team at .

See you soon in our next seminar!