Welcome to HKTV eCommerce Academy

HKTV eCommerce Academy

About the Academy

Greetings from the HKTV eCommerce Academy Team! Welcome onboard! The Academy gathers all necessary knowledge and skills about eCommerce with topics covering digital advertising, marketing, business operation, financing, etc. In addition to the sharing sessions hosted by HKTVmall’s experts, we have also invited external guest speakers including university professor and representatives of many internationally renowned organizations, including HSBC, Facebook, Salesforce, Google, AWS, digital marketing expert Madcradle, international digital agency GroupM, etc., to share their expertise in different fields. Join us to strengthen the development of eCommerce business and create new directions for Hong Kong's retail industry!

Our Mission

We are committed to educating and enabling business owners to kick start their eCommerce successfully and learn to be a winner in the growing digital ecosystem.

Objectives of the Academy 

We hope to facilitate all participants in achieving the following throughout the academy.

  • Understand the basics of planning and running ecommerce

  • Able to define and run their own marketing campaign with the knowledge and techniques on social media marketing, data analytics and customer relationship management

  • Create Online-Offline synergy to the business

  • Understand the big picture of digital ecosystem

Overview of the Syllabus

Here’s a quick recap on the 6 modules we have in the Academy Syllabus.

  • Start Your Business

  • Market Your Products

  • Know Your Customers

  • Understand Your Data

  • Business Operation

  • HKTV Business Operation

With a mixture of seminars, live webinars and recordings, you will get to know an extensive range of knowledge and case sharings from our experienced speakers in various aspects such as marketing, financing, data analytics and business operations etc.. Be sure to grab yourself a seat in the event in order not to miss any important insights that would help your business development!

Remember to complete your program in 6 months and get a pass in our final examination to get rewarded with the e-certificate, and to be recognized as an eCommerce Specialist by HKTV!

We hope the Academy could help you prepare everything you need to be successful in eCommerce. Stay tuned for more updates from us in this section! Wish you all a great success in the learning journey!

For any enquiries, feel free to drop us an email at academy@hktv.com.hk.