HKTV eCommerce Academy

The End of the First Phase of HKTV eCommerce Academy

The last seminar of the first phase of HKTV eCommerce Academy was successfully concluded last Thursday (28 October, 2021). Thank you for all the support!

Recordings of seminars and webinars of the first phase will be uploaded shortly. Members can view the playbacks and complete the online courses at After completing the entire course and examination, an e-certificate will be issued as validation of your expertise in eCommerce.

Special thanks to every industry expert for sharing their exclusive content and experience with our members. The seminar last Thursday (October 28, 2021) also marked a perfect end to the first phase of HKTV eCommerce Academy.

It is our honor to have representatives from Amazon Web Services, Eastech Systems Limited, Facebook, Fimmick, Google, GroupM, HSBC, Madcradle Online, Reckitt, Saleforce and WATI, as well as Ms. Akina Fong and the HKTVmall’s experts as guest speakers to share their expertise in different fields.

The second phase of the HKTV eCommerce Academy will begin in mid-November. We have also invited numerous experienced experts to share their knowledge and insights in different fields of e-commerce.

In addition, HKTV eCommerce Academy, will be open to non-merchants for the first time, allowing everyone interested in entering the field of e-commerce or looking for in-depth understanding of the e-commerce sphere could also grasp the essential elements of e-commerce with ease!

For more event details and latest news of the Academy, please visit Should you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact our team at
See you all again in the next seminar!